#paceblog—US politicians can’t agree on the science of climate change, let alone how to respond to it. But a task force of scientists, former government officials and national security experts gathered by the Bipartisan Policy Center debated the issue and submitted their recommendation to the Federal Government: large-scale research on geoengineering.

The law of unintended consequences rushes to mind, and so do the questions: whose planet is it and whose decision to make whether we are to risk meddling with the complexities of our planet and universe? Whose technology will benefit or harm one country or world region in detriment of another? What new international conflicts can we expect? 

We have replaced “global warming” with “climate change”—doesn’t geo-engineering sound like a paradox to anyone?  

The concept is not new—certainly not to scientists—and experimentation has long been underway. A matter of time?

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